Collect and Share What You Love with Reader Lists


Blogging isn’t just about publishing your own posts — it’s also about reading and exploring what the community has to offer. But with millions of bloggers around the world, there’s so much to explore. In your Reader, you can follow blogs, explore tags, and see what’s new here at Discover. You can also create lists to keep track of your favorite sites in one place, or curate a feed around a specific topic or group of people.

New to lists? We published a quick primer on The Daily Post to help you get started, and below, we’ve collected some staff lists to inspire you to create your own.

Favorite Magazines, collected by Krista Stevens

Krista loves to read. She’s an editor at from Winnipeg, Manitoba, and contributes regularly to Discover.

When you’re logged in to, you’ll see two tabs at the top left: My…

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