Fans Have Nothing But ‘Love’ For ‘Mysteries at the Museum’

“Sometimes it’s easy to overlook a diamond in the rough, especially when choosing from countless channels. The Travel Channel’s Mysteries at the Museum, which is in its ninth season, has acquired a loyal fan base that can’t find a bad thing to say about the program.

Canvs, the social-emotion analytics company, took a look at the current season, as well as the most recent episode, which aired April 28, to find out what has fans hooked.

Across the season, Canvs detected 467 Emotional Reactions out of 1,302 tweets captured by Nielsen, with the main ERs falling into the “excited” (28.7%), “good” (12.0%), “cool” (6.2%), and “crazy” (4.3%) categories, with “love”dominating at 44.5%. The past three weeks have also seen a steady surge in social engagement, with ERs increasing over 80%.

In regard to the most recent episode, Canvs detected 169 Emotional Reactions (ERs) out of 482 tweets captured by Nielsen. The main ERs fell into the “excited” (20.7%), “good” (16.0%), “cool” (11.8%) and “crazy” (7.7%) categories, with “love” dominating at 43.8%. More than 35% of all tweets about the show expressed some sort of emotion.

Although the volume coming through on Twitter isn’t massive, the viewers who are tweeting are devoted, with 21.1% who tweeted about the previous show returning to tweet about last night’s show. Fans even interacted with host Don Wildman about his unexpected wardrobe change, when he announced he would be losing his signature jacket.” […] Continue reading

Article  by Mike Gasbara