Disney Makes History, Topping $1 Billion in Domestic Ticket Sales in Just 128 Days

It’s been a block-buster, profit rich year so far for Disney and it’s investors……..


Universal Pictures had a record year in 2015 with domestic ticket sales topping $2.44 billion on the heels of such successes as Jurassic World ($652M), Furious 7 ($353M) and Minions ($336M). In the process it became the fastest studio to cross $1 billion, doing so in just 165 days. It was a nine day improvement on the previous record set by Paramount in 2008 and, as it turns out, less than a year later it’s a record that served as hardly a speed bump.

In just over four months, Disney’s domestic ticket sales in 2016 crossed $1 billion in a mere 128 days, a 37-day improvement on Universal’s record and the studio is showing no signs of slowing down. The record was achieved on May 7, 2016, just as Captain America: Civil War was in the midst of delivering the fifth largest opening weekend of all-time. Combined with Civil War, Disney’s animated smash hit Zootopia ($328M and counting) and the studio’s classic animated feature brought to life The Jungle Book ($287.6M and counting) pushed the studio over the $1 billion mark.

Looking ahead, the rest of Disney’s 2016 slate looks promising as they hope to continue what they started in the first four months and seven days of 2016. The potential to top Universal’s 2015 domestic earnings record is most certainly there, doing so before the ink has even had a chance to dry on their certificate.” […] Continue reading at Box Office Mojo