Local veterans push for medical marijuana access

More and more veterans are openly supporting medical use of marijuana and individual rights to choose to use cannabis if they want………….

The above photo is via tokesignals.com

“INDIANA — A former Marine says access to medical marijuana means life or death for many veterans across Indiana.

Jeff Staker is the founder of Hoosier Veterans for Medical Cannabis.

The Kokomo veteran hopes pressure from the state’s American Legion next week will push lawmakers to create a statewide medical cannabis program.

Already, members of Post 6 in Kokomo unanimously approved the resolution. The only holdout was the commander, who refused to sign the resolution. Instead, he forwarded it along to District 5, which represents 10 north central Indiana counties.

District 5 approved it too, so now it heads to the state American Legion department, in an attempt to move the effort forward more quickly.

For years, medical marijuana bill proposals have come and gone for at the state house.

This year though, Staker is convinced that the voice of veterans will be too loud for legislators to ignore.

His organization put out this 15-second ad across television stations ahead of the legislative session starting.”

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